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We offer a 4D platform to you. You can show anything here.

  • cloud_upload

    UAV cloudservice

    You can upload your photo and show it's location on the platform

  • mode_comment

    publish & share in 4D

    Open in broswer and you can leave comments or share the feed here.

  • build

    various maps & tools

    We provide a lot of maps and tools to you that you can customize your own feeds!

I want to use

earthbook enterprise

Web server kit

You can draw multiple graphics, add labels, customize your own drawings
Measuring distance and area
You can post feeds and leave comments or share with anyone
Display vessels and airplanes real-time data
You can upload your photo or video and show them on the platform
Support multiple devices (mobile, ipad, PC and etc...)
Data link
Open Data
Provide TGOS and other public layers, you can also access the public data
Formosat Images
Show satellite images on the platform and compare images in multiple periods
Earth Server
Support Tif、jpg、img、shp、kml/kmz、geojson, etc.
Support tif、grd, etc.
3D Model
Support shp、skp、kml/kmz、gltf、obj、LAS/LAZ, etc., and provide Cesium 3D Tiles and ESRI I3S release

More than 10 companies with us
National Space Organization 國家太空中心
National Space Organization
Industrial Technology Research Institute 工業技術研究院
Industrial Technology Research Institute
SinoTech Engineering Consultants, Ltd. 中興工程顧問股份有限公司
SinoTech Engineering Consultants, Ltd.
Academia Sinica 中央研究院
Academia Sinica
Minghsin University of Science and Technology 明新科技大學
Minghsin University of Science and Technology
National Taipei University of Technology 台北科技大學
National Taipei University of Technology
National Cheng Kung University 成功大學
National Cheng Kung University
Kun Shan University 崑山科技大學
Kun Shan University
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